What are the different kinds of epilepsy/seizure disorders?

There are many kinds of epilepsy. They each cause different behaviors. They each need different treatments. Knowing the type (or types) of epilepsy will help a doctor suggest treatment options. 3

Generalized Seizures

A generalized seizure involves the whole brain. It is the most common form of epilepsy. These seizures produce muscle twitches, convulsions, and usually loss of consciousness.

Partial Seizures

A partial seizure involves only part of the brain. Sometimes a partial seizure can spread to involve the whole brain. This is called “a partial seizure that secondarily generalizes.”

In most types of seizures, people are not aware during a seizure and they do not remember having a seizure. Please view the table on the next page for more information; it contains more information about different types of generalized and partial seizures.

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