Educate Yourself – Ask Questions

It is normal to feel confused when first hearing about epilepsy. There is a lot to learn. Asking a lot of questions and gathering information, is the best place for parents to begin. Learning more will build confidence and help parents respond to their child’s needs.

There is a wealth of information about epilepsy in children. Throughout this website there are ways to contact many other places for more information and help. There are organizations on the national, state, and local level that can tell parents who to call and where to look for the information they need. There are books, videos, brochures, websites, training classes, and more to help parents find their way and learn about this condition.8

Parents are a child’s best advocates. Being advocates means that parents always stand up for their child’s rights and what their child needs.

Good advocates:

If parents are not satisfied with the services their child receives from a health plan, medical group, or doctor, it is good to talk to them about these concerns. If they are still not satisfied, it helps to document concerns in writing. To find out about legal options, parents can check with an office of the Disability Law Center free of charge.

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