Medicaid and Denali KidCare

Denali KidCare is a part of Alaska’s Medicaid program. Eligibility for Denali KidCare is based on the size of a family and its income. Families who are eligible receive health insurance for children. It covers medical treatment and a number of preventive services. There is usually no cost to families. When children reach 18 years of age, there may be some shared costs. Pregnant women can also be eligible to receive health insurance through Denali KidCare.

If a child has a developmental disability, STAR programs can help fill out paperwork. They can connect people with other parts of the system of care.

A child with a disability might need a high level of care. If the family income is too high to qualify for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), they may get help from TEFRA. This is a special kind of Medicaid to help these children live at home rather than in a hospital.

There are a number of other Medicaid programs that may help pay for services and other needs. The Medicaid administrators for Alaska can be contacted directly to find out more.

Denali KidCare & Medicaid Information
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