Community Parent Resource Centers

There can be parent support organizations in any community. They are typically staffed by parents of children with special needs and they want to help other parents. Local schools, medical staff, and other service providers should have information about these organizations.

LINKS Mat-Su Parent Resource Center is a Community Parent Resource Center. It is like Stone Soup Group, but on a local level. LINKS provides training, information, support, and assistance to parents and people who work with children. LINKS serves the communities within the Mat-Su Borough School District. There is no charge for their services.

LINKS Mat-Su Parent Resource Center
6177 Mountain Heather Way, Suite #3
Palmer, AK 99645

Parent organizations are very helpful, but they may not know a lot about epilepsy. Parents may want to check with the Epilepsy Foundation or other epilepsy organizations to keep current about resources specific to epilepsy.

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