What are some online support resources?

Epilepsy Foundation e-Communities

Here parents can interact with individuals affected by epilepsy from around the world. There are threaded discussions and real-time chats. Selection of groups:

Find these and more online support groups at this eCommunities.

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest Support Groups

The closest Epilepsy Foundation affiliate to Alaska is Epilepsy Foundation Northwest located in Washington and Oregon. They make services available to families in Alaska. The EFNW family support groups might be especially helpful for families who travel to Washington or Oregon for services.

Epilepsy & My Child

This is a website of the Epilepsy Foundation, first launching in 2009. It features family stories, ways to connect with other families, and a great deal of information shared in a family-friendly format.


This electronic mailing list is centered on pediatric epilepsy. It is designed to benefit families who wish to share comments, concerns, and questions regarding their experiences with pediatric epilepsy and/or other related issues.

Epilepsy Support Group on WebMD


This is a message board. It includes discussions about the warning signs of a seizure, medications, living with the aftermath, and reactions from family and friends.

Chat Rooms on HealingWell.com

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