How can I educate others about epilepsy/seizure disorder?

Parents will become experts in their child’s epilepsy. They may know more about epilepsy than anyone in their family or anyone at school. They might even know more than some of the doctors and nurses. A lot of people know little or nothing about epilepsy. This can be very frustrating, but it is most helpful to be understanding of others who until now never had to deal with it.

Often parents will have to teach others about epilepsy/seizure disorder and their child’s condition. It is important to make sure that everyone is aware of what to do when a seizure occurs.

It is also important that people feel at ease when they are around a child with epilepsy. At first it might be scary to them. Usually the more they learn and know what to do, the more comfortable they become.

Tips for educating others:

Educating School Staff

Educating Children

Preventing Myths and Misunderstandings

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