Educating Children

Children and youth with epilepsy deal with difficult things. It is hard to know a seizure might happen any time and any place. It is not a good feeling to lose control of your body. It feels strange when everyone else sees something happening to you, that you are not aware of yourself. Some children really don’t like knowing they have to take medicine every day.

The way children learn about epilepsy affects how they feel about it. A child will talk about it the same way parents talk about it. When children can talk about it openly, they can feel better about themselves. It is easier to accept epilepsy if they are not ashamed of it.

This is a condition people will live with all their lives. The more they do as children, the more normal it will be as they grow up.

Tips for educating children:

There are resources available to teach children about epilepsy/seizure disorder. Parents may want to explore some of the resources listed below. They can use these resources to help their child’s friends and classmates understand more about seizures.

Websites for Kids

Beach Park


The Kids on the Block, Inc.
800-368-KIDS (5437)

Educational programming (puppet show and curricula). The Kids on the Block program on epilepsy was developed along with the Epilepsy Foundation. It addresses issues around seizure disorders and provides basic information. It demonstrates seizure first aid, talks about the importance of friendships, and examines issues of discrimination.

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