These are established websites relevant to parents of children and youth with epilepsy that are kept current and often add new things. Visit them once in awhile to see what is new!

Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation is the leading national agency that is dedicated to the welfare of the more than 3 million people with epilepsy in the United States and their families. There are more than 50 Epilepsy Foundation affiliates with offices around the country.

Epilepsy & My Child

This is another website of the Epilepsy Foundation, first launching in 2009. It features family stories, ways to connect with other families, and a great deal of information shared in a family-friendly format.

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest (EFNW)

Alaska does not have its own Epilepsy Foundation affiliate at the time. The one closest to Alaska is EFNW with offices in Seattle and Portland. EFNW and Stone Soup Group have formed a partnership to help bring EF training and other services into Alaska. EFNW is well known for exceptional summer camps that families from Alaska are invited to attend.

Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California (EFNC)

EFNC has been helpful to Alaska during Project Access. They have some very good resources on their website, including some film clips that may be useful for families.

This is an extensive information resource for both members and non-members. They have information organized by kids, teens, women, families, caregivers, and seniors. Membership gives people access to blogs, community forums, and other ways to connect with other people. This site also has a Resource Specialist who can answer questions.

EYC - Epilepsy Teens

An Epilepsy Foundation website especially designed for teens with epilepsy, their siblings, and other youth who want to learn about epilepsy. There are resources for teens with epilepsy to ask questions and to connect with one another.

Stone Soup Group

Stone Soup Group (SSG) is the largest support organization in Alaska for families raising children with special needs. SSG provides training, information, and support to parents, educators, service providers and community members throughout Alaska.

Find a Neurologist by Zip Code

Search for a medical professional who specializes in epilepsy treatment.